I wish I could explain to you how much I hate you. How much I hate how you left me alone, how much I hated staying up in your bed waiting for you to come home. How much I hated when you got too drunk and forgot about me. How you just did not care about me or my feelings. How you prioritized other girls before me, and how you some times didn't want to see me. How much you could tell me that you loved me but later the same night leave me all alone. I hate you for all the times a cried myself to sleep, all the times when you made me feel like I was the one doing you wrong. Like I was not worth someone who really cared about me and never would have done anything to hurt me. How you changed me, made me to a person that I've never known before. That insecure girl who couldn't separate right from wrong. The girl who was just too in love for her own good. 

Because some times we just fall like that. And neither time or gravity has anything to say about it. It is just between two people who fall in love. But the problem is that one person always love a little bit more. This time it was me.

Postat av: nina


2014-11-23 @ 21:15:09

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